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Crystal Bowls made from stunning Genuine Crystal. These stunning bowls are used for ceremonies and can be gifted or used to store sm objects like rings or on display.


These are small and petite, of high quality and with a polished finish.

Comes in small, medium and large .


Current colours are:

Yellow Mookaite small H18-21. W 45-47, Weight 22-27 (ship weight 0.0270 kg)

White Howlite in small H 17-22, W 43-50, Weight 27-35 (ship weight 0.0350kg)

Nephrite Jade in small H18-22, W 45-48, Weight 22-26 (ship weight 0.260kg)

Unakite small H15-21, W 42-47, Weight 22-33 (ship weight 0.0330kg)

Rhyolite small H18-22, W43-49, Weight 18-24 (ship weight 0.0240kg)

Orthocerus in Medium H 18-28, W87-102, Weight 90-180.

No Large stock available.


Ship Weight small


Other styles/colours available, send us an email to discuss.


Crystal Bowls - inc Ceremony

  • To be included

  • Shipping costs are based on weight, size and destination.


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