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New Authentic Crystal Quartz Clusters now available in various colours,  all variations are fumed with precious metals/minerals and then heated to create interesting and bright coloured Clusters from regular Quartz.  


They make beautiful decorative pieces, are rustic looking and come in 5 main colours to suit any decore. 

Why not gift one or more of these stunning coloured Crystals to someone special, mum, dad, gender reveal or the Crystal collector who has everything.


Colours and sizes vary.


Golden Aura Cluster - H 35mm-70mm x W 45mm-85mm

Blue Aura Cluster - H 25-60mm x W 50-80mm

Green Aura Cluster - H 25-68mm x W 45-80mm

Red Aura Cluster - (with pink shades) H35-75mm x W50-90mm

Aqua Aura Cluster - H30-70mm x W45-80mm


Note:  the sizing is a range as the crystals generally have many shapes, these show the minimum width or height on a particular side through to the maximum width or height.


Ships within 3 business days in a box with tracking and signature.


Care: Do not drop, wet or eat.  You can display it almost anywhere but it is recommended you keep it out of direct sunlight long term and dont wash it.  Just lightly dust it and enjoy.





Crystal Quartz Clusters - Mineral Dyed

  • To be included, in the mean time please refer to our site Policy for this information.

  • Items will be shipped within 1-3 days in a small secure and padded box with insurance, tracking and signature on delivery.

    All shipping will be calculated on size not weight.  Each package size varies from small, medium and larger up to Extra Large as described by Australia Post.  This information will be outlined in our Shipping Policy.  The amount you will be charged will be shown on the combined items total size. 

    You can request Express shipping in the shipping options to receive the item(s) sooner. 

    Bella Gordon does not take responsibility for Australia Post delivering any item late, we simply cannot control the time it take once it's left our store.  We will however follow it up if it's late, lost or damaged to rectify the issue with you asap.

    Delivery times around Australia can take aprox 7 days up to 14 days when Australia Post are late.  International should not take longer than 30 days as we ship by Air, not sea.

    Please read our Policy for more information.



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