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Stunning Crystal Suncatchers.


Hand made using only the finest Crystal's from around the world.


These high quality crystals from various suppliers including vintage Swarovski factory packs, Precosia Crystals and K9 Crystals (Glass) have been used to create stunning Suncatchers.



Made in Australia.


Current Stock inc Beads used:

1. Facited Clear Crystal ball 20 mm, Clear round 6mm spacer bead and several clear Crystal chips.

2. Facited Clear Crystal Icicle xx mm, Amethyst chips, 2 x clear Bicone beads, 11x Amethyst and 3 Clear seed beads.

3. Faceted Clear Crystal ball 20mm with Chakra coloured Crystal chips.

4. Amethyst Crystal Stone 114mm -118mm x 5mm -25mm, Amethyst chips with Clear and Purple 14mm Octagon Crystal's.

More stock coming soon.


Ships in 1-2 days.

Crystal Suncatchers


    We will ship within 2-3 days of receiving your order unless Specified.

    Some delays expected due to ongoing issues around Covid. All orders will be sent via Australia Post.

    Visit for more information or an update on your orders location.

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