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We are proud offer lovely Hematite Rings from our New Crystal Jewlery Range.  These will make the perfect gift for dad, your brother or someone special as a popular Wedding band.


These are made from Natural carved stone, and polished to perfection.  They are beautiful on their own or added as a complimentry ring to diamonds.


Dont need a ring !  These rings are also known to be used as an impressive stand for Crystal objects and Spheres or you can ware it as a pendant around your neck.   In addition; Hematite is a Root Chakra Crystal, excellent for removing negativity, grounding and strength.


It usually breaks when it detects stress and has the ability to release negitivity.  Hematite is beautiful when polished but is not a very hard mineral stone; it's ranked at 5.5-6 on MOHS scale of hardness. 

They can crack or break especially if dropped.  Due to this, Hematite is very well priced.


Whatever your need, these are truely versatile; plus we have 3 handy sizes to choose from.


Small: 20 - 22 mm

Medium 20 - 24 mm 

Large 24 - 26 mm


Be sure to follow us on Instagram for updates and new releases.


Some of the new items may not be in stock but will be available on back order for your convenience.


Stocked items will be shipped within 3 working days.


Care:     Keep it away from heat (fire, hot days in summer) and moisture (as moisture will rust Hematite) making it brittle.

To prolong it's life ware it out but remove before you shower, sleep, workout (sweat) or get your hands dirty.


Rings - Hematite


    We will ship within 2-3 days of receiving your order unless Specified.

    Postage costs vary according to location and weight, the postage charge will show in the totals when you place your order, using Standard parcel post (Air freight) or Express rates; whichever option you choose. 

    Freight costs are charged at the rates outlined at Australia Post.  We do not add extra for handling.  Any overpayments will be returned back to the original card used to make the purchase.

    Some delays may occur due to ongoing issues around Covid. All orders will be sent via Australia Post.  Once the order is sent you will be given the Tracking details and will be required to sign for the item.

    Visit for more information or an update on your orders location.

  • We only accept returns if the item is damaged or not as described.  In addition; in accordance with the Country in which you reside in local laws.  

    Should you wish to make a return you must first obtain a return approval number, this will be given to you upon contact and approval of the return.  In addition; all original packaging, tags and items are to be returned in the condition you received them. 

    If the item is damaged and there is damage to the package please retain the package and provide clear photographs of any damage for Bella Gordon to access with your return claim.  

    Please refer to our site Policies for further information.


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